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NAME: Katsuki Bakugou
AGE: 16
CANON: My Hero Academia 

CANON PERSONALITY:Katsuki Bakugou is a dumpster set on fire with an inferiority complex that he pretends is a superiority complex.  

As the series' deuteragonist Bakugou is the main foil for the protagonist Midoriya Izuku, and their growth is often juxtaposed. Their dreams and goals are the same; to be the next Number One Hero. They couldn’t be more different in temperament, however. Bakugou is loud and in people’s faces, arrogant, and anti-social whereas Midoriya is quiet, nervous, and very caring. But they have things that make similar as well. Both are hard working, ambitious, and a more than a little impatient when it comes to wanting to be a hero which has caused some bumps in their roads, and they both idolize the hero All Might. His relationship with Midoriya is central to the series as a whole. Bakugou hates being looked down upon, and quirkless Midoriya’s constant worry over him drove him up the wall. As they continued to grow up, the divide between the two continued to grow as well. Both having mixed feelings about the other, and they clashed often. The idea that Midoriya had the same goal as being a hero made Bakugou feel the need to bully him, to remind him that he can’t because he has no quirk. 

Bakugou has always been a loud and boisterous person with a foul mouth; all traits he inherited from his mother. The first time his quirk manifested and the kindergarten teachers told him it was an incredible quirk he walked the thought, "I’m the best, and everyone else are losers" in his mind. This thought turned him into an arrogant brat, as his mother later points out to his teachers. As he got older became apparent that very few of the other kids in his class had quirks as strong as he did. His attitude only got worse because of this, becoming a bully of sorts towards others, especially towards his former best friend, Midoriya. 

He’s extremely arrogant and can be spiteful. He comes into the school sure that he’ll be number one, and at the start of a school tournament when he’s asked to give a speech he just says, “I’m going to win this.” He doesn’t even bother to remember his classmate’s names at first. He once spent almost an entire year ignoring Midoriya’s existence because he felt ashamed of the fact that Midoriya once tried to save his life when no over hero could. 

When Midoriya suddenly shows that he has a quirk Bakugou immediately assumes Midoriya always had one and was just hiding it all this time specifically to spite him. As hardly anyone develops their quirks in adolescence, and the idea of someone giving another a quirk is unheard of. Even when Midoriya explains to him that it was given to him, though leaving out who gave it to him, Bakugou refuses to believe it until much later.

Aside from Midoriya, Bakugou’s interactions with his classmates are much more relaxed. While he didn’t set out to become friends with any of them, he does become close to Kirishima and more recently Kaminari. He rough houses with them, particularly with Kirishima who possess as a quirk that allows him to endure Bakugou’s blasts better than others. Both egg him on with insults until he snaps and starts manhandling them, while they laugh. Of the two Kirishima is the person he’s closest to, as Kirishima tried to become closer to him first after Bakugou impressed him with his ‘manliness.' And recently, when Kirishima helped rescue Bakugou from being abducted, Bakugou went out of his way to pay Kirishima back for expensive equipment the other boy lost while on that mission. 

To the class as a whole Bakugou remains aloof, but recently he has shown that he does care. When the class was feeling down after being scolded by their teacher Bakugou gets Kaminari to short-circuit himself and act like a dope to get them to laugh. And even before while he didn’t respect them enough to remember their names, when they proof that they’re willing to put just as much effort into being a hero as he does he shows it. During a tournament one student railed on Bakugou for not taking it easy on his opponent Uraraka, saying that he should have taken it easier on her because she’s a ‘fragile girl.’ Bakugou retorts that there was nothing fragile about her. 

Indeed, during their fight, he was able to see her conviction and deduced that she would have a clever plan up her sleeve because she was close friends with Midoriya, who often develops clever plans. He was wrong about her asking Midoriya for help (and even if she did he wasn’t holding it against her, as to his mind it was just using her resources to win) as she came up with it herself. She gave it her all, and though she failed to beat him, he recognizes that she tried and respected her for it. 

On the other hand, when someone doesn’t give it their all in a fight against him, he hates it. In the same tournament, he goes up against Todoroki, who is probably the most powerful student in their class. In a match against Midoriya Todoroki used his fire powers which he had avoided using due to his bad relationship with his father. He used them out of fear because otherwise, Midoriya would cause him serious damage. In his fight with Bakugou, he doesn’t use them because he still isn’t sure of the best way to use them in battle. Bakugou, with his inferiority complex, views it as Todoroki not taking him seriously. And when he wins he doesn’t view it as a win because his opponent wasn’t trying. 

He’s also respectful of teachers, recognizing them as professionals who know what they’re talking about. When they say something he listens, even if it’s something he doesn’t want to hear. 

He’s very impatient with his growth and often compares his growth rate to Midoriya’s. He wants to be a hero. He wants it badly. He has to be reminded by a teacher that because he started at a higher level than Midoriya, having had his quirk longer and practicing with, of course, Midoriya’s growth rate will be faster. 

Bakugou does not only take the physical aspects of being a hero seriously, but he also takes the mental aspects of it seriously as well. He’s cunning, has great observational skills, and strives for perfect grades, ranking third in class. 

Recently, Bakugou has begun to mellow out. Some hard knocks have shown him that his attitude hurts him more than it helps. He was denied a provisional hero license because he snapped and swore at people he was supposed to be rescuing during the exam. And he feels extreme guilt because during the mission to rescue from villains trying to recruit him his ideal All Might lost his powers. While All Might tells him it’s not his fault, and it was something that was going to happen anyway, it’s clear that Bakugou still feels that he is the cause of the whole mess. 

Bakugou is also someone who takes responsibility for his own actions. When he gets in trouble for getting into a fight, one that he started, he doesn’t hesitate to take blame for throwing the first punch. 

SKILLS/ABILITIES: Quirk Bakugou's quirk is called Explosion. He sweats nitroglycerin can make it explode in the palms of his hands. He can control the strength and size of the explosion as well. He has come up with a variety of moves ranging from close to mid-range, and from damaging moves (like his latest move the AP Shot and Rapid-fire AP Shot) to disorientating (his stun grenade which uses light to blind his opponent) to movement based moves that allow him to get around easier and allow some amount of flight (Blast Rush Turbo). Element-wise his quirk is considered ‘light’ and works well against shadow based quirks.

Atheleticism He’s an extremely active person. He keeps in shape with regular exercise, dieting, and avoiding drugs and alcohol. He’s stronger than his peers and seems to absorb the kinetic energy from his explosions with little effect, though he has noted that it’s a danger. 

Intellect He’s an intelligent person. He took his studies very seriously and was ranked third in class (a fact that pisses him off; he was going for first). He also has an excellent sense of battle with pro heroes often commenting on his aptitude for combat. He also came up with a costume with equipment that allowed him to make the best use of his quirk; maximizing damage output while putting as little stress as possible on his body. 

AU NAME: Katsuki Bakugou
AU AGE: 16
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Brown eyes instead of orange. Blond hair is a genetic throwback

-Was born to a Japanese couple in Recolle
-Both parents have steady jobs 
-At a young age Katsuki became a fan of a popular comic series that later became a TV show, but he would alway prefer the comic. 
-Loved comics in general. Has a bunch of collectibles, and used to draw a lot of his favorite heroes
-In elementary became ‘friends’ of sorts with Izuku Midoriya. Midoriya would follow him around and he more or less allowed it. 
-In middle school, he got in a big fight, and when Midoriya tried to help to the nurse’s office he clocked Midoriya in the nose, breaking it, and got expelled (it was the straw that broke the camel’s back) he and Midoriya have avoided each other ever since. 
-His parents decided it was time to enroll him in therapy, and instead of finding a new school right away they tried to get him to control his temper 
-During this year he started working out as a way to blow off steam. 
-He also began to draw more seriously, deciding that art is the direction he wants to take his life in. 
-Had to repeat that year of middle school at a different school. He wasn’t happy with it, but he went through it. 
-Is currently in 10th grade because of that, he takes as many extra classes as possible to graduate before he turns eighteen.
-Is often alone by choice and because of his temper he’s left alone. 
-Art is his favorite class, after that, it would be English. 
-Wants to go to Art School and be a comic artist. 
-Lives with his family in the Maple Valley apartment complex. 
(premission given by Midoriya-mun)
AU PERSONALITY: Katsuki is very similar to his canon personality, though mellowed out a bit. In a world that doesn’t coddle him or his attitude, he tries to reign his temper in. There are times where his temper does get the better of him, and times where he doesn’t bother to try to control it. 

The effort to control his temper comes from his parents and school staff, who have made it clear that they won't tolerate him getting into fights. In this world, his temper is viewed as a problem, especially since he has gotten into multiple fights in and seriously hurt another student (Izuku) while he was blind with rage. They've made it clear that his temper can and will have a negative impact on his future if he doesn't try to control it. 

He still has the same love of superheroes, and since super powers don’t exist in this world, he is a fan of Superhero comics. And instead of a desire to be a superhero he instead wants to be a comic artist. (His art style will be reminiscent of Amanda Conner’s.)

He’ll still be arrogant, he's athletic, good looking, talented, and very intelligent, but his sense of entitlement is, mostly, gone, especially since his temper has, and already has had, serious consequences, whereas in his home canon it’s only recently that it’s caused him problems. He shows a bit more respect others, remembering names and such, but beyond that, he would rather not deal with them. He's a loner by nature, in canon and in game, but he can develop friendships if they're prepared to deal with his attitude. Katsuki can prove a loyal friend if someone puts up with him enough. Mostly, he just wants to get through high school as quickly as possible and go to college. 

He’s an overachiever. He’s enrolled in as many AP and Honor classes as possible strives to make perfect grades. Most of this is just a natural part of his personality, but a part of it is fueled by the fact he was held back a year because of his expulsion. He doesn't want people to think he's stupid. He hates when people look down on him, and he views his expulsion as something that will give people a reason to look down at him. He views teachers warily because he thinks they'll treat him differently if they know (and he assumes they do, so he tries to be respectful to teachers but he's always on edge around them) and he tries his hardest to make sure his peers don't know it. 

This perfectionist attitude of his is the cause of a lot of fights he gets in with other students. If in a group project is someone's running late to a meeting or hasn't done their work, he gets angry and views it as the other student being disrespectful of him (and the others in the group, he'll add as an afterthought).

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Katsuki Bakugou
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 Bakugou is not an easy person to get a long with. 

He's rude, loud, vulgar, and violent. He's been a bully, and I know that can be triggering for people. 

While there's a decent, maybe even good, human being buried underneath all the issues and bad attitude, I understand if people do not want to deal with that. Especially those who play Midoriya. While in canon Bakugou is moving away from his bullying of Midoriya and more or less just ignoring him, it's still something Midoriya deals with everyday just by having Bakugou in the same classroom. And many people can identify with that.

So this is an opt out. If you do not want me to tag you with Bakugou please just comment here. Comments are screened. If I do tag you after you commented here it's because I forgot, and I apologize in advance. Either ignore the tag or remind me. No hard feelings either way. 


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